Non-Profit Youth Center in Foley, AL

The next generation is our future and will be responsible for making changes in our community for the better. The Snook Youth Club of Foley in Alabama is doing its part in giving our youth the opportunity to grow and succeed. We take pride in creating a welcoming environment in our youth center that fosters fellowship, leadership, creativity, and encourages academic success, happiness, and community outreach.

Our Mission

We’re a non-profit organization dedicated to providing our young community members with the opportunity to engage in programs that promote social, emotional, intellectual, artistic, and academic enrichment. Regardless of background and economic status, we welcome everyone into our youth center and go above and beyond to ensure children and teens are embracing a healthy lifestyle.

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About The Snook Youth Club of Foley

Reformed in 2008, The Snook Youth Club of Foley is dedicated to helping youth ages five to 15 by:

  • Increasing Literacy Levels
  • Providing Affordable Learning Experiences
  • Nurturing Self-Esteem
  • Encouraging Integrity
  • Building Social Skills
Our goals and objectives are met through homework assistance, classes, and other affordable programs.
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What We Do

Our youth center offers after-school and summer day camps. We designed these programs to engage children and teens in cultural field trips and meaningful artistic experiences. In addition to offering these creative and affordable programs, our youth center also strives to combat childhood obesity by offering a daily nutrition program that educates youth on healthy diets and lifestyles. All of our programs include a nutritious lunch, as well as mid-morning and afternoon snacks.

Every Child Matters

The Snook Youth Club of Foley believes in the future of all children in Baldwin County. If you’re interested in becoming involved in our youth center, call or visit us today.